Lost Property CDMX

Lost Property (2011–), was initially an artist-run space in the form of a conceptual bar, founded by Felicia von Zweigbergk and Jan Hopf in the Amsterdam Kolenkit neighbourhood. Just as initiatives like Gordon Matta Clark's restaurant Food (1971–74, New York City), or the art, music and community space Tiny Creatures (2006–09, Los Angeles) Lost Property could be considered as an artwork in itself, but also as a social space with a brief existence. Five years after its closing, Lost Property came back to life again in Mexico City, featuring recorded and amplified silences, one song concerts, jenever in wooden glasses and local re-labelled beers. 

Lost Property CDMX featured contributions by: Ricardo Alzati  (clock), Iván Martínez  (short and tall glasses), Silvestre Martínez (knife), Jajem (jenever orgánico), Sands Murray-Wassink (bathroom), Isaac Olvera (Natasha Fuentes Lemus), Benjamin Thorell (letter), Monica Tormell (snacks serveware), Radna Rumping (blah blah blah), Felicia von Zweigbergk (beer labels), Will Holder (sudoku), Lost Property (bar), Chris Kraus (talk and walk, icw Janine Armin and Museo Tamayo) and silences and performances by: Carrie Lola, Alina Lupu, Laraaji, Leif Elggren, Rahma Khazam, Félicia Atkinson, Geo Wyeth, Raven Chacon, Enrique Arriaga, Michael Gira, Willem Oorebeek, Ricardo Rendón, Jo Kali, Nadine Byrne, Robin Watkins, Leif Holmstrand, Raewyn Martyn & Rachel O'Neill, Will Holder, Jorge Satorre, Los Angeles, Geneva Jacuzzi, Jenny Moore, Mr Airplane Man, Small Feet, Karen Mantler, Moon & Sun, Maggie Díaz del Castillo, Emma Sharpe, Lucia Probles, Mahoalli Nassourou, Carolina Fusilier, Mabe Fratti, Ana Rivera, Janet Martínez, Jose Rojas and Nicole Martens.