Felipe Zitecias/Map

Stencil Print 
43 x 28 cm 

"Arts could reform people, especially architecture, the architecture affects you most directly of all, it is the art you live in." Stated Robert Hughes in the 1980s during episode 4 "Trouble in Utopia" of his documentary television series, "The Shock of the New." During his speech, he addressed the problems and contradictions of the utopic cities planned and designed by modernist architects during the 20th century who were interested in the functional and economic consequences of the architecture in the societies and how the goals of such utopic cities faced reality.
By creating a fictional architect, this project analyzes not only those economic and functional features of architecture -that are still contemporary and relevant- but also addressing the oneiric and subconscious realm which are also part of the human behavior and its interaction with the environment by linking psychoanalysis and architecture, trying to find alternative systems in planning and construction.



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