Get Rid of Yourself, Again
(Extended Version)

Cassette Design
Client: Radna Rumping

(Text from
'Get Rid Of Yourself, Again' is an audio essay written by Radna Rumping about presence and absence, visibility and invisibility and the (im)possibilities of a fluid identity. Digital self-presentation, the hidden messages of a patterned Vlisco fabric, a lost brother, camouflage make-up and the different strategies of artists Adrian Piper, Bernadette Corporation and musician Gary Wilson all claim their own role in a slowly unfolding narrative.
'Get Rid Of Yourself, Again' has appeared in various versions: a short version has been broadcasted on online radio station Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee late 2016, the extended version was presented at Van Eyck Open Studios 2017 and the auditorium of Stedelijk Museum on the occasion of Press! Print! Publish! - for which an (Audio Only Version) has also been published in the form of a cassette tape.
'Get Rid of Yourself, Again' (Audio Only Version) is published as a limited cassette tape (edition of 75), designed by Iván Martínez.

You can purchase the cassette at Stedelijk Museum book store, or directly by sending an e-mail.

€12 (+ shipping costs).



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