Flamin’ Stars

Concept and Book Design
Client: Sarah Jones|Casco

96 pages publication,
Stencil Print,
10 x 14 cm
Edition of 250

Flamin’ Stars is a collaborative sound work by artist and writer Sarah Jones, sound producer Julika, and designer Iván Martinez. The hour-long narrative piece, reminiscent of a radio drama, is based on a series of short, poetic texts developed during a residency period in Texas in 2013. The work moves the listener along the border between Marfa and El Paso engaging in a kind of visual and emotional cartography. The fragmentary, narrated texts are woven together by abstract sound, musical and literary quotes, and the score of the 1960s film directed by Don Seigel, Flaming Star. The film set in Texas and starring Elvis Presley as the mixed-blood “Pacer Burton” deals with overt and implicit forms of racism and the complexities of “belonging.” Flamin’ Stars readdresses these notions in a contemporary context through a personal engagement with landscape and movement by three artists from different backgrounds thereby traveling through and rupturing contemporary dialogue around border landscapes, race, movement, and environment.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sarah-v-jones/flamin-stars



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